Mums - where are you?

London, centre of the rich, the beautiful, the bankers and especially the non-pregnant.

Hi, my name is Daniela. Pretty much four years ago, I moved to London. My friends, I can count on one hand. Except of one woman, there are all men. Of course, my friends from Germany visit me once in a while, but I still miss spontaneously having a coffee with them and talk about women stuff. Meanwhile, I got pregnant and wait for my first child to be born. Hence, my interests had to adapt to some extent.

To meet another pregnant woman in the city centre is rather rare. At best, one can find them at the John Lewis children’s department, at the antenatal classes in a hospital or a bit further out in a department store. When you are pregnant, people in the city look at you as if you got a disease. At least one gets the despicable looks from e.g. shoe salesmen for your swollen feet. Also in other ways one is more of an obstacle in this fast paced city. One would need to be very gullible to expect that someone is offering its seat on the tube, despite being marked for people who are less able to stand. But I also don’t anticipate it. During my whole pregnancy I got offered a seat twice, even though I almost take the tube daily.

But to get to the point.

About two years ago, on an afternoon, I decided to check the internet to find an app or something similar, which will help me find friends around me. Profoundly, I was convinced to find something in abundance. Three hours later I quit. The only thing I did find was a vast number of dating apps. All the same.

Really? Not even one app to find people around me with similar interests or to just be friends?

Really? Not even one app to find people around me with similar interests or to just be friends? Just to find someone who is joining for a coffee or the next yoga class? I don’t want a date!


The closest thing I could find was an app that shows you parties or events that one can attend. Oh, great, how innovative. Especially in London, where one can find more bars and clubs on one square kilometre than trees. Thank you, but to check out bars for new people, came to my mind too. However, it is very unlikely to make new friends there. Most of the women you will see, are already with their other friends, groups or partners. Or, how often did you go to a bar alone, as a woman, and made friends whilst e.g. buying a drink? It is also not my style to ask other women at the Starbucks in the morning, if they want to be my friend.

The colleagues at the office mostly have other interests than me. Already because of the age difference. Maybe you will say now that there are many forums where people search for friendships. You are right, but how do I know, if that person even has the same interests?

So, I was still sitting in front of my laptop, without any help to change my situation.

Whilst I was sitting there I got the idea to develop an app on my own. Unfortunately, I am not a coder. So, I began to draw my idea - every single screen. In the evening, when my boyfriend came home, I told him about my unsuccessful search and asked him how much it would cost to develop an app.

He looked at me quite strange, but after some minutes he liked the idea. This was two years ago. My boyfriend, who has also become my business partner, and I, finally launched our app “Pal”.

We already contacted, besides other things, some blogs, which are written by mums for mums. However, we often get the reply that they are not interested to tell their readers about our app.

Is there really no need for such an app? I thought I am not the only mum to be, who is searching for likeminded around me. Of course, it is not just for mums, pregnant women or mums to be. As we have been working on it for the past two years, we have tried to find something for almost everybody. From the party animal to the bookworm, across to the sportsman and the laid-back types, travellers and many more.

I still believe that somewhere out there, hopefully in London too, are mums, which would enjoy such an app.