Is your friend a sociopath

Statistics say that someone somewhere is probably pals with a sociopath.

As sociopaths make up 3-5% of the population, the odds are in your favor, but sociopaths do slip through the net. Sociopaths aren't always easy to spot - they aren't all Hannibal Lectors in straightjackets muttering about Chianti. They aren't all serial killers and psychopaths.

While a psychopath can be cold and charming, a sociopath is more geared towards impulsive behavior, lack of empathy, and moments of violence and rage.

If you have a friend that can be a darling one minute, then flying off the handle the next, if they have grandiose notions, and if they are forever lying and making you doubt yourself, then you either have a sociopath or just a pretty bad friend.

Either way - bad friends and sociopaths don't make for a healthy social calendar which is why Pal app is here to make meeting new people swift and simple. The handy app hooks you up with people and plans in your area, meaning you don't need to get stuck in the loop with friends who aren't making your life awesome.

We have whittled down a few ways to work out if someone you know is a sociopath and if it's time to log into Pal and start seeking new friends...

A Sense of Drama

Life is a stage and we are all the lead characters in our own plays, but sociopaths will be the star of a grand tragedy. If your friend is forever living out an intense fantasy - with an ego that soars out of control, this should leave you a little wary. If you find yourself constantly exhausted by their dramas and intense reactions and readings of situations, this could be a sign of stranger things to come.

A Disregard for your Feelings

If you are often left wondering whether you overreacted or underreacted around something your friend did, this could be another sign that 'its not you, its them'. Sociopaths are notorious for a lack of empathy meaning that they won't think twice about whether their actions will have an impact on you. If you get upset about something they have done, they will probably be flippant about it (AKA don't expect an apology).

Impulsive Behavior

Sure, its fun having that spur of the moment slightly wild and crazy friend, but is this a sign of a free spirit or a sociopath? Getting drunk and dancing on the tables is one thing, but a constant need for stimulation is another. Quit cleaning up the trail of destruction left by your friend and peruse Pal app to see what cool activities are happening close by instead.

Superficial Charm

If your friend knows how to schmooze a room and get strangers sharing their secrets, then this could be another sure sign of a sociopath. Sociopaths are awesome at manipulating people to get what they need, they are more likely to see friendship as a vehicle rather than a mutual experience of love.

Should I be Friends with a Sociopath?

With so many people in the world, it begs the question, why be friends with a sociopath?

Friendship can be a hugely rewarding experience and in the 21st century meeting new people is easier than ever. Download the Pal app and fill your social group with happy, healthy individuals - because you deserve beautiful friendships brimming with mutual respect.