Friends with(out) benefits

What are the rules? Are there any? Should I stick to them or does it not matter if I disregard them?

If you do not want to sink into lovesickness and self-doubt, it would be better to follow them.

It is almost like a fashion trend these days, friends often do not just live on a platonic level together. But are these real friendships or just the desire of one of them to have a relationship someday. Nowadays it has become a rarity for couples to reach the silver wedding. Is it because you are too uptight or too open?

Everybody who has seen the movie "Friends with benefits" knows that in this movie Jamie and Dylan decided to leave all the couple things aside, agreed on certain rules and slept together.

Anyone who has had a relationship in the past, knows the pros and cons of it. But can such a friendship really be good in the long run? What will happen if one of them finds a permanent partner?

But what rules does one have to follow in a friendship with certain benefits? Here are a few suggestions:

Rule No. 1: Falling in love

Well, that's pretty clear. Don't do it!

Rule No. 2: Discretion

Instagram and Facebook should better be spared from pictures of the bedroom. Or do you want all your friends to know what else is going on with you guys?

Rule No. 3: Jealousy

Do not be jealous! If you tend to jealousy, this kind of friendship is not the right for you. If your friend has other partners, you should not be bothered. Likewise, dates with other people should be tolerated.

Rule No. 4: Cuddling

Cuddling as well as breakfast is a couple's thing and therefore prohibited.

Rule No. 5: Sleep-over

Sleeping happens in separate beds.

Rule No. 6: Introducing to the parents

This should go without saying - definitly not. Or how do you introduce that person to your parents?

If all this is too stressful or something you already have done and are just looking for platonic friendships with new friends, Pal is perfect for you. That said, you may also get to know your future partner through your next friendship. Of course, you can also find your friends with benefits. But do not forget to communicate this openly so that you do not end up in an emotional chaos.

Happy friending with Pal!