8 reasons why friendships fall apart

Finding real friends is not easy, and in the course of your life, you usually only have a handful to rely on and call true friends.

But how would even the best friendship fall apart?

1. Pinch the boyfriend

Clearly a no-go! Not even the thought of it is allowed.

2. Talk bad behind your friend's back

If you constantly talk bad about your supposedly best friend to other people, you should think about whether this is because you are dissatisfied with yourself or if your best friend is really so bad. In this case you should break up the friendship and look for like-minded people.

3. Lies

Honestly, what do I need a best friend for, if I have to lie to them?

4. No time

If you were let down for the fifth time in a row, you won't get in touch the next time. For as long as there is nothing really important...

5. Distance

Being far apart is tricky. Even if you can't see each other often, you should definitely take the time to meet when it is possible.

6. Only time for your new love

The only person your friend is talking and texting to since months is the new boyfriend? But is only getting back in touch when the lover is gone and expects you to drop everything and spend time together again, day and night. Thanks, but no thanks.

7. Be left alone in an emergency situation

The partner has just left after 8 years. You just want someone around to talk about it and to not be alone. But your girlfriend texts you that she cannot make it today as she is going to a party.

8. Divulge secrets

Secrets are called secrets because they are secret and not meant for everyone's ears. Even if it kills you to share it, you should not do so under any circumstances.