5 friendship side effects

25% of people in the UK spend more time socialising online than they do face to face.

Across the pond in the USA, this statistic is even higher, with 39% of Americans preferring to talk from behind a computer, instead of in the flesh.

31% of these people admit to having feelings of loneliness.

Take what you will from these facts, but it seems like the world is becoming an increasingly lonelier place to exist... We're almost forgetting how to socialise in person.

That's one of the reasons we created Pal. We're equipping everyone with the tools to combat loneliness and create new friendships, experience new things, and improve their wellbeing.

In an increasingly digitized world, you'll be happy to know that making new friends is not only fun, it's actually beneficial to your health.

Nobody wants to be lonely or not have someone to do something with.

The average number of friends that people claim to have is nine, with 98% of American's owning up to having at least one close companion. But there's always room for more isn't there?

You could be one click away from a new group of friends.

Think of the friends that you call when you need cheering up, the friends that you holiday with, the friends that confide in you and respect your opinions and values!

Friends can be... pretty cool! Here's how they can make you healthier:

1. Friends can extend your lifespan

People who have strong close relationships are statistically less likely to die prematurely than those that are isolated. A 2010 study found that having more social ties is as strong as exercising in terms of increasing longevity.

2. Friends can improve your general health

It's true, socialising more and having more friends is linked to improved blood pressure and general wellbeing. Social interactions increase the production of endorphins, relaxing the mind and body, leading to general improvement in health.

3. Friends can sharpen your mind and cognition

Loneliness is associated with degenerative mental health conditions such as dementia. A 2012 study of over 2000 people in Denmark aged over 65 showed that those who socialised more had decreased risk of dementia, and sharper minds that those who felt lonely and isolated.

4. Friends can be a positive influence

Think of a time when a close friend has talked you into something positive, or talked you out of a negative mindset. Friends and companions can really hold influence over out lives. The more positive friends, the more positive your outlook on life will become.

5. Friends can last forever

In a world where everything seems to be finite. Friends can remain in your lives forever, helping you to cope through hard times, and celebrating the good times. A true friendship really can stand the test of time.

Start making new friends today!